“My breast reduction changed my life...”

This is a statement that we hear quite often from our surgical patients. They are so thrilled with their results because it's such a life changing experience for them.  Often, those women who are heavy will continue to lose weight after their breast reductions, because they feel so much better about themselves.  They have more confidence and a renewed sense of motivation to improve their health and feel beautiful.


Many of us wouldn’t think twice about fitting in an amusement park ride or wearing a button-down shirt, but for Melissa Coffey of Wolfeboro, NH, these endeavors were anything but easy.

Melissa’s large breasts kept her from pursuing many activities, resulting in weight gain and neck and back pain as well as related self-image issues.  That is until the then 32-year-old underwent breast reduction surgery with Exeter Hospital Core Physicians’ Kimberly Marble, MD, to whom she had been referred by her primary care doctor.

“It was truly life-changing for me,” said Melissa.  “I would do it all over again if I had to.  The only thing I’d do differently would be to do it sooner as it completely changed my life for the better.”

Prior to the surgery, Melissa had gained a lot of weight because she had been unable to exercise due to the size of her breasts.  She also had poor self-esteem.  “It was very hard.  I was extremely self-conscious about my weight,” said Melissa.  “I struggled to pick myself up for a while.”  And Melissa’s concerns about her large breasts went even deeper.  With a strong family history of breast cancer, she needed to be closely monitored with mammograms, but the size and density of her breasts made it difficult to ensure accurate testing.  That’s when she decided it was time to pursue breast reduction surgery.

Melissa underwent surgery, spending only one night in the hospital. She was back to work in three weeks.  “I was in great hands.  Exeter Hospital is a large hospital with a small hospital feel and everyone there was kind and professional and made me feel safe and secure every step of the way,” said Melissa.  “Dr. Marble is a super-skilled surgeon and very warm and welcoming.  I recently referred a friend to her, knowing she will do a great job.”

Today, five years after the breast reduction surgery, Melissa, an elementary school music teacher, has lost 100 pounds, run two half-marathons and is in training for a full marathon in May.  “I’m happy with myself and I’m extremely happy with the excellent care I received from Dr. Marble,” said Melissa.  “I’ll be running this marathon for the both of us.”

Here are just a few more of the many patient testimonials we have received:

"In preparation for my upcoming 40th birthday, I met with Dr. Marble for a consultation about having breast reduction surgery, something I had wanted since I was fifteen years old. I was obese for the first 25 years of my life, lost a hundred pounds, then had two children, lost my baby weight, and still the 36DDDs remained. I had pain between my shoulder blades every day for the past 25 years.  I did my best to manage the pain through chiropractic care and regular exercise, even though it was uncomfortable and I had to wear 2 sports bras when running.  

My consultation with Dr. Marble made me feel immediately comfortable.  Her caring manner is evident and her thorough questions and explanations of the procedure and recovery helped me to feel very much at ease and excited to move forward.  The surgery went smoothly and the recovery has been much easier than I would have expected.  Dr. Marble and her staff were always available to answer questions and make sure things were progressing as they should be.

I am now 7 weeks out from breast reduction surgery and could not be more thrilled with my results!   The scarring is minimal, and my new 36Cs are gorgeous.  Most importantly, I have been back pain free since I came out of surgery and running with the "weight off my chest" is incredible.  I am so grateful to Dr. Marble for this AMAZING life change!"

“I met with Dr. Marble and her wonderful staff which was a day I would never forget because within two months I would feel like a whole new person. I had always been big busted and it was quite a strain on my back and neck. I was also very self conscious of being so large and having rude comments made that I would wear big t-shirts and sweat shirts. I had thought about breast reduction but thought it would be more of a vanity reason, but soon realized I could not have been more mistaken.

After searching several Doctors in the same field and listening to several friends who gave such great recommendations I chose to see Dr. Marble. She was just wonderful explaining to me that I was not being vain for wanting this surgery. She was so positive and encouraging that I actually started get excited about the surgery and began counting down the days.

Anytime I had any questions I was able to call the office and they were right there for me. I truly feel that Dr. Marble has given me my life back, I no longer have the back and neck pain that was once so relentless. My confidence has soared; I feel fantastic and owe it all to Dr. Marble and her amazing staff for giving me this new found freedom. I am still amazed when I look in the mirror, I love shopping for fitted shirts and "strutting my stuff'. Thank you Dr. Marble.

“I had a breast reduction done by Dr Marble nearly 3 years ago. A lot has happened since then and I've been meaning to email a thank you for years, but never could quite find the words. I don't know how to write a thank you for changing my life. All the words and phrases just seem a bit inadequate! I'm happier than I ever thought possible- I feel good about myself, my clothes fit, I'm comfortable, exercising is easy and fun, I'm not in pain all the time... I used to think 15 to 20 times a day that I was miserable and I didn’t like myself and I wanted to change. That's gone and instead, I'm happy and comfortable, and feel good. I can't put into words how that has changed my life, and I can't thank you all enough for doing that for me.
Thanks again, and all the best!”

Many of my patients contact me or send letters after their surgeries, because it often makes such a wonderful positive impact on their life.  If you have ever thought about making changes to your body, but were reluctant, we can help provide you the information you need to make the best decision.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Kim Marble, MD