All the procedures Dr. Marble performs rank high in patient satisfaction. View some of the many patient testimonials we receive on a regular basis.

"I just had my surgery with Dr. Marble and Denise Smith, PA and feel compelled to share my thoughts with you. I am ecstatic with the results! Dr. Marble is the most kind, compassionate, patient, professional and knowledgeable doctor I have ever had an experience with. She and Denise work hand in hand with one another and I absolutely love how I was treated like a person and not like another patient. Denise and Susan (MA) have been so attentive to my needs each time I have gone in for my post-op appointments. They have taken the time to make sure I am comfortable, explained things in great detail and have told me funny stories to keep my mind off any discomfort I may have been experiencing. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have had such a wonderful experience with this surgery. You should feel honored to have such an amazing doctor such as Dr. Kimberly Marble and Denise Smith, PA and their staff working to make such wonderful things happen."

"Today is my one year Boob-iversary! I just wanted to reach out to say thank you once again, to you and your staff.  I could not be happier with my breast reduction results. I feel great, am more comfortable than I could have imagined, and have been completely free of mid back pain for the first time since I was about sixteen. Even my posture has settled in differently, and people are constantly asking me if I am dropping weight. I'm not, but I think I am just standing up straight after being stooped over for so long! All that to say that I remain ever grateful to you! "

"Thank you to all the special people that work for Dr. Marble. Not only are they caring, kind, and compassionate, but they love their jobs. I researched several doctors in the area and I am so happy to have found this practice. Dr. Marble is excellent professionally, personally and really has a great sense of humor. When you walk into their office you are greeted and taken care of like you are family. I would highly recommend."

"I am grateful to you for the results of my surgery. I have received more rewards both physically and emotionally and it is all because of the outstanding results I was given. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Dr. Marble you really and truly are the best!"

"Dr. Kimberly Marble gave me back my confidence, boosted my personal feelings. I now love looking in the mirror each morning and getting ready for my day."

"Dr. Marble is not only an expert in her field of plastic and reconstructive sugary, but she is also a wonderful human being who possess the rare ability to really know what you are feeling."

"I have never had surgery and Dr. Marble made my experience worry free."

"I will forever be very grateful to Dr. Marble for how she improved my life and well being!"

"Many people have asked, "What have you done differently, do you have new glasses?" When I say that I had my eyes done, they are so impressed with the change! Now my husband likes to say "These are the eyes I met over 30 years ago!"

"Dr. Marble and her staff are wonderful. I had a double mastectomy due to breast Cancer diagnosis. My Breast reconstruction included fat grafting and I am more than please with the results.  She took time with me from the very beginning to learn what my expectations were and has exceeded every one of them. Dr. Marble's staff is very knowledgable and it is a pleasure to see them in the office.  We are fortunate to have this practice in the Seacoast Region."

Breast Reduction Patient Testimonials - "My breast reduction changed my life!"