Breast Reduction Techniques & Expectations

If your breasts are too large, you may be at risk for more than just problems with clothes shopping.

Health problems can be caused or at least aggravated by a bustline that is too heavy. Neck and back pain, poor posture, rashes under the breasts, and shoulder notches from bra straps that pull are all common problems. If these symptoms sound familiar, or you would like to simply achieve a breast size more in proportion with your body or improve your ability to participate in physical activity, breast reduction surgery may be right for you.

Breast Reduction Techniques

There are many techniques of breast reduction. Some techniques involve liposuction. Liposuction does not remove any skin but removes some of the tissue inside your breasts. Scars are minimal, but there is typically no uplift of the breasts.

Other techniques involve removal of breast tissue as well as skin. This results in a significant lifting of the breasts as well as a size reduction. Scars are similar to those of a cosmetic breast lift. These “reduction with a lift” procedures are usually covered by health insurance if you meet certain criteria. We can help guide you through any insurance requirements.

After Breast Reduction Surgery

After surgery, you should expect to be out of work for at least 2 weeks depending on the amount of physical activity that is required by your job. Over the next several weeks, you will notice that your breasts will gradually form into their final shape and position. You will be pleased with their lighter weight and more youthful uplift.

If you are like most patients, you will also experience relief of neck and back discomfort as well as a resolution to those rashes under your breasts.

Although your breasts will continue to settle and soften for 6-12 months after surgery, you can expect to start shopping for new bras, swimsuits, and lingerie as soon as 6-8 weeks after your surgery.

Jogging, working out, and other physical activity usually start around 8 weeks after surgery. At this time, you will notice how much easier these activities are compared to before breast reduction surgery. You may also notice that, with your improved ability to exercise, you lose weight more easily…a nice bonus!

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If you have been contemplating breast reduction surgery, now may be the ideal time to take that first step toward the new you. The new more comfortable and confident you!

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